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Welcome to the world of well-being and aesthetics.


For 30 years in this world with so much passion, I invite you to live a moment of relaxation at the Mas de la Luciole spa.

You will also be able to train in various massages, for your entourage or as part of a reconvertion with the possibility of taking charge of your training and the issuance of a certification.


My journey

Beautician for 15 years then teacher in aesthetic school and, to share my knowledge and my know-how, trainer in wellness massages.

Recognized in 2000 with a total quality certificate in the world of well-being, I hope to meet your expectations.


My credo

"If I love enough


If your hands are clean and loyal And without trembling can face the evil,

Or, open after joining Without letting go when there is doubt;


If you can propose without imposing Give without wanting to dominate,

If you can see without looking And to hear without listening;


If reaching comfort is your only goal,

And share your strength you can,

from the sacrum to the occiput,

By engendering the beautiful in each of your gestures,

Without restraint but remaining modest;


If nudity and beauty of every living being

You can establish the rules of a trusted museum,

To enter without disturbing respecting the mistrust,

Gauge continuously but abolish any judgment;


If you can feel and accompany in every body

The strength and life movement that inhabits it,

Or, from you even start to tap again,

And rhythm to serve you to transform as quickly as possible;


If you can master the technique without attaching

And serve you all your senses at will,

Without a priori direction, but in all lucidity,

If your hand is for you the privileged tool;


If you can imitate Kipling and all the masters

Without ever comparing you, or wanting to go beyond

But quote them and feed you well-being

That for all men they have dispensed;


So, the knowledge in you harmonizing,

The strength of balance, at the moment,

Will penetrate you and spread,

And even more the Touch Just to manifest.


May Your Hands Be the Case of Good Will

And finally, all men join hands to help each other.

Guy Dumont "


See you soon for a unique moment.



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